To prove your love, your pet does not need a lot, just let him feel a little bit special!



Me(Rita ) and Gebo met 2 years ago when his owner and mine paths were crossing.
It's a short time we know each other but daily we spend a lot of time together and my days without him is imaginable anymore.
One day we were searching for a collar, that would suit him and highlight his personality and uniqueness.As the search was unsuccessful we decided to make our design collar, which was liked by lots of people and willing to have it as well.
So at the end of the year 2023, we opened our small workshop☺️, where we now make our design collars which are also possible to personalise. This idea was made to make sure all the pets are safe to get back home and also to make them feel special.
As we have recently opened our small workshop, the product list is small, but we are working on new ideas so every pet owner can find something for their pet!